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Routine Inspections

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For many first time renters getting a notice to advise that a routine inspection is due can be daunting. You might wonder why the agent is coming to inspect your new home.

There are a number of reasons agents carry out routine inspections and it’s not necessarily to check up on you. It is more for the agent to assess if there is any maintenance work that needs to be done, check the property is not being mistreated and that it is well maintained.

Inspections are usually carried out three months after you move into the property and then every six months following. This is a good time to point out any concerns or maintenance items you have with the property manager.

Most likely the agent will take notes and some photos of the property to provide a report to the Landlord, on some occasions the Landlord will attend the inspection with the agent.

You don’t need to go overboard with getting the place spotless, but having it neat and clean is important. Also if you have a garden, mowing the lawn and keeping weeds to a minimum is a good idea as maintaining the garden is just as important and maintaining the inside of the property.

If the agent is happy with the inspection they will usually tell you so when they are onsite, if there are areas of concern they will let you know and possibly issue you with a notice to rectify the issue. For example if your grass is very overgrown they will issue you a notice and then arrange a time to reinspect once it has been attended to.

Keep in mind routine inspections are as important for you the Tenant as they are for the Landlord, it is a time to show how well you look after the property which goes towards your rental history as well as making sure the property is in good repair for you to enjoy.

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