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5 Quick tips for keeping your home safe during the holidays

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The ‘Silly Season’ is upon us, but don’t let all the distractions of this time of year allow you to make ‘silly’ mistakes on securing your home while on that much deserved getaway.

Always stick to the ‘better safe then sorry’ philosophy and follow a few of these simple tips to minimize risks while you are off enjoying yourself.

1. Consider a house or pet sitter
Ask a trustworthy friend or relative to house sit while you are away, feed your pets, water the garden and collect the mail.

2. Make your house look lived in
If you don’t have someone to house sit for you, ask your neighbour or friend if they would mind taking out and bringing in your rubbish bins and collecting the mail. Mail and flyers overflowing from the letter box is a sure way to let people know no one is home. It is always best to leave your blinds just how you do if you would be home. If you always have them open then suddenly they are closed at all times for days on end it is an easy giveaway.

3. Invest in a timer
For less then $20 you can get a timer that you can plug a lamp or T.V into so that your appliances come on during your usual evening routine. This is a great deterrent to any opportunistic burglars.

4. Don’t announce your holiday plans
With social media such a big part of our daily lives, its hard not to announce how many days until you board the plane or leave town for two weeks, however it is best to keep the details to yourself as you never know who is reading or sharing the information.

5. Lock Up
This one might seem obvious, but sometimes in the rush to leave we forget to check every window and door. Make sure they are locked with keys if you have them and that doors are locked securely.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous new year from all of us at Direct Property Group!