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Things to remember this Winter

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Its cold in Melbourne and Winter is officially here. While we are keeping ourselves warm we need to keep in mind a few things that we should attend to at this time of year.

Cleaning Gutters
All the Autumn leaves have most likely filled our gutters and with heavy rain expected during the Winter months this can be a problem waiting to happen. Blocked gutters can lead to water damage inside the home, rusty gutters (which can be expensive to replace) and timber rot around the facia of the home. If not maintained on a regular basis the gutters can become so full and rusted that they eventually fall off altogether. Its a simple and usually affordable maintenance item that tends to be forgotten, if you have a Property Manager looking after your investment be sure to ask them to arrange it for you.

Mould and Condensation
It is a common problem and is usually more of an issue during the colder months, condensation builds up around our bedrooms, windows, ceilings and mirrors in bathrooms when we have the heaters on inside and outside the home the temperature is much lower. To prevent health risks to those inside the home cleaning mould and condensation regularly can help minimise the spread. To prevent green, furry mould every care should be taken to ensure that footwear and clothes are not put away in wardrobes or in dark confined spaces in a damp condition. Mould cannot grow if dry air is circulating so while it might be chilly to open windows it may be necessary to do so to ensure adequate air flow.

Get your heater serviced
While we are using are heaters on a more regular basis at this time of year, if you haven’t done so already arrange for a licensed plumber to service your heater. Gas heaters should be tested for carbon monoxide every two years and ducted heating should have the vents and air return cleaned. A recent fire in a home in Melbourne which was reported as starting at the central heating unit and spreading through the home by igniting dust in the heating duct system highlights the importance of keeping heating ducts clean and free from inflammable substances.

If you have any comments or would like to speak to us about arranging these maintenance items at your investment property please feel free to contact us.