Direct Property Group is a growing property management agency offering
dependable and experienced hands-on skills and services.

Direct Property Group - Residential

At Direct Property Group we work hard to maximise the returns on all your investments. We make sure that tenant selection is thorough, that rents are collected promptly and maintenance issues are discussed and acted on in a reliable and timely manner. Find out more.

Direct Property Group - Commercial

At Direct Property Group we facilitate a range of services selected to provide timely, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our hands-on and transparent approach guarantees optimum results for you and your investment. Find out more.

Leasing Property

Direct Property Group provides a focused and property-specific approach to securing tenants for your investment. We understand that each property is unique and must be presented suitably to it’s target markets. Find out more.

"Elishah is a highly qualified and effective manager. Her arrival at Broadgate West is a welcome change from previous Managers and I am pleased with her broad experience and problem solving skills. Of special note Elishah’s ability to resolve many day to day issues with our Tenants and Contractors. This was very challenging because we were managing two very large buildings with demanding Tenants. I would highly recommend Elishah Lusi for any work in the building Management field."

− James H – Broadgate West Ltd. Director (London)

"Your constant persistence with managing properties and following up promptly on all concerns and issues is a great asset and you never let us down and we always felt relieved we had you managing our apartment."

− Kevin L – Landlord

"Most people will easily make the effort to complain but rarely do people make the effort to compliment. As one of the landlords of 120 Sturt St South Melbourne, I would like to write we appreciate the fact that our property manager has taken the initiative to re-evaluate the rental income of a property without the landlord having to instigate it."

− Sam K – Landlord

"I have noted a significant lift in the service standard since you took over I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your hard efforts and commitment to client service."

− Diego Q – Landlord

"Elishah kindly took the time to communicate and work on our behalf without further inconvenience on more then one occasion. Elishah’s; attitude, efficiency and diligence on the matter, provided an excellent level of professionalism."

− Jules Z – Previous Tenant

Direct Property Group is a growing property management agency offering dependable and experienced hands-on skills and services to keep your property investment working well for you.


We know how to manage the day-to-day challenges in tenanting and maintaining your investments. We can respond on your behalf to your tenancy problems, liaise with a range of property services and keep you informed wherever you are worldwide. We know that minimising vacancy rates maximises your returns and allows you to focus on growing your property investment. We understand that respectful and clear communication is crucial to attracting and retaining high quality long-term tenants.

OUR DIRECTOR – Elishah Lusi

My family has always been involved in property on a modest and careful level. From an early age I saw how they worked with agents to maintain assets and develop trust between owners and tenants.

I wasn’t planning on being ‘just another Real Estate agent’, my early training and involvement in property taught me that communication, experience and mutual trust between a property manager and owner is invaluable. Good property managers provide owners with time to grow investments while the day-to-day management follow-ups and tenancies are taken care of efficiently and fairly.

My approach in everything I do is to provide clear, informed and honest communication. I have experience in negotiating with people from all walks of life and a passion for property. I have worked in Australia and gained valuable training in Britain managing some of London’s most prestigious homes and the complexities of Multi-tenanted commercial buildings.

This is the foundation for Direct Property Group. A family owned and operated company we are growing and we would like to bring our skills to help grow your investments too.

Call me today to discuss how I can assist with your Investment Property needs.

If you require more information about Direct Property Group or if you’d like to make an appointment with Elishah, please submit the enquiry form and include your preferred inspection times. Alternatively please give Elishah a call and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


PO BOX 16177  |  Collins St West |  Melbourne VIC 8007
Phone. +61 400 464 000
Email. elishah@directpropertygroup.net.au

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